Wednesday, October 13, 2010

blender brushes in cs5

cs5 has these new blender brushes that are a bit difficult to use in a practical way, I did this demo painting for a class using the blender brush, I can see how it will be useful in my regular work. I really like some of the features and will continue to try to figure it out so I can use it with my other brushes. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Finally, We are going to be making the "Cowboys" book, I spoke with my publisher yesterday and the book is a go. I might post a few of the images here as long as I don 't give anything away. This image might be in the book, not sure yet, it is one I did to pitch the book and get the juices flowing. This book will be a follow up to "Pirates" and I am really looking forward to the paintings.

A new poster for Friends of the Teton River.

This is a poster that I do every year for this organization, I am a board member and believe in what they do, clean water healthy streams and abundant fisheries. I always enjoy designing it and
appreciate the opportunity to be involved. I hope you like it. If your in the area on July 10th, this is a great party in a beautiful place for a great cause.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Pirate King finished

A las matie, I finished the Pirate King, I added a beard to this guy at some of your suggestions and made his nose a bit more pirate like. I finally feel like it is finished. I don't know why but I love painting Pirates. I have a few new ideas for new paintings and will post them when I get them sketched. for now, this will have to suffice.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Sketch from a new project

This is a sketch from a project that I am working on, I am becoming obsessed with the subject matter and am chomping at the bit to get this one under way, I have a couple of publishers looking at it, no takers yet. I think these guys were not that different from us and were more advanced in many ways than we think they were.

More Fly Paintings

Here are some more fly paintings, these I did for a fellow who wanted typical flies used on the Henry's Fork of the Snake river, I've used all three and they work to catch big fish. They will also be available as prints. They are fun to paint, quick and simple a good exercise to keep sharp on technique and mark making.

Three Flies image

I was going through some old files on my computer, sort of spring cleaning and came across these images. I painted them quite a while ago but I like the looseness of the paint and the spontaneity of the marks. I sold a few of them many years ago and I think I will resurrect them as a print and do some more to go with them, hope you like them too.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Latter Day Profiles interview

I recently did an interview with Brian Howard who hosts a TV program called Latter Day Profiles, it was aired on BYUTV at different times of the day, I was pretty nervous and a bit fidgety (as my son pointed out) but all in all I think I did ok for never having been on TV.
If you want to see the interview you can take a look on this link, you have to scroll down and select the one with me to watch it. It's kind of weird seeing yourself on the tube, I'm not the person I see in the mirror, I'm sure I have more hair than that, and I talk different than I thought, at least I didn't say anything stupid or stumble too much over my words. have a look and let me know if I should be in disguise to hide my shame, or not.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Interview with David L. Harrison

David L. Harrison the poet and author of Pirates, has a blog where he did an interview with me... here is the link. I thought I would provide a link for those who might be interested in reading it. maybe some of the questions you have about me will be answered there.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Eagle Painting

I finished some sketches today so I thought I would work on a project that has been waiting a while for me to get to it, a painting of an eagle. I had a great time working on this one of three images, I wanted to just concentrate on edges and texture. I kept the color subdued (except the fabulous yellows in the beak) so I could focus on my task, I think it worked... at least for me. I am looking forward to the other two coming up. This painting reminds me of how much I love to paint the natural world, especially the critters that live in it. I hope you like it too.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Easter Walk

"Easter Walk" My newest book is on the shelves. This book was really great to work on, it gave me the opportunity to paint a few biblical scenes from the easter story. I enjoy trying to make paintings that will give my audience a sense of how I feel about things, whether spiritual subjects or others, I try to put my heart and soul into my work. I am happy with how the book turned out and hope it sells tons of copies, order your copy here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


A while ago (Sept 2008)Laura Salas did an interview with David L. Harrison and me about the process of making "Pirates" She has a great blog where she reviews books, has chats with authors, talks about what is going on in her world as an author, stuff like that. Take a look and she what she is up to, I don't know why I missed posting this link but it slipped by me. Here is the link to the interview.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm working my way through this Pirate fetish, Here is another warming up painting, getting ready for a project is sometimes more fun than the real thing.
I used some left over reference for this painting, as often happens with photo shoots, I have way too many good photos than I can use for a specific project, this image grew out of a left over and will hopefully find a place in a procect I am working on. Hopefully you will enjoy it at least as much as I do.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Pirate King

I can't resist painting these guys, I am between projects and had to paint this painting. I am exploring some new techniques and brushes, I like what is happening and am satisfied with the painting. I need to do another pirate book and am researching some angles for a story. All in all I just had to paint another Pirate.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I have been experimenting with brushes and textures trying to satisfy the painter in me and so I decided to paint something I really wanted to for a change, a Pirate... I had a great time working on this painting and am satisfied with the result. It is always a challenge to be satisfied with your work and after working on so many books and other jobs it's nice to do something for no reason at all, except to fulfill the need we all have to create something that interests us. My objective with this painting was to explore texture and brush strokes, I am always trying to come up with the perfect mark on the canvas and I suppose the quest will always be there. anyway here is my latest effort and perhaps the beginning of a new project that I would love to sink my brushes into.