Saturday, February 11, 2017

New Book ( The Miracle Maker)

When I say new book, I mean my latest... this book came out for Christmas... I know, save your comments... I was so busy with my other work that I forgot to post this book here, not that anyone is reading this... Anyway, its a wonderful book for next Christmas... great story, fabulous illustrations... and designed really well by the folks at Covenant books. Again, sorry for being so delinquent and lazy when it comes to this blog... Great book for the family... here is a link if your interested in getting a copy or ten...

Troutspots T-Shirts

I guess I'm in the T-shirt business, this is something that I have been thinking about for years and oh, by the way, sorry for not posting for a while...I've been busy working on the job from hell... 140 illustrations... ya, like I said, job from hell... it really is a great project, just a very large, time consuming project... like all of my time... anyway I digress... back to the T-shirts... They are very nice shirts, Ive test ordered for myself and I like them a lot, I plan on making a bunch of designs in time for a variety of shirts that I would wear... Printful is the company printing and shipping so you wont have any trouble getting your shirts right away... I promise (again) that I will post more in the future, I have a variety of great projects that I am working on and I think you will be interested... at least I hope so... Here is a link so you can buy a bunch of shirts for family and friends....

ta ta for now,