Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tiger Trout

Ive never painted a tiger trout before, the colors and patterns in these fish are incredible, an artists playground. I could not resist the pull to give it a go, I tried to keep the painting loose and fresh but ,it looks like I might have gotten carried away. I'm toying with the idea of putting some images on T-shirts, this one might make it there.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Out with the old, In with the new...

   2015 was a good year, I guess...the work was fun and entertaining, my health was good for the most part, I had a complete ankle replacement that caused me to loose 20 lbs...I didn't fish as much as I wanted but all in all I should not complain about 2015.
   I (with my daughter the designers help, lets be honest, I was sort of assisting her, sort of being a very loose way of saying I was giving verbal cues as to whether I liked what I was seeing) as I was saying... I just finished my new web site,, it was long overdue to be updated with new images and a fresh new style, (the new me...) I'm not sure I'm ready for a new me, but the site was ready, even my son complained that it needed to be brought up to the current decade. That's bad when your kids complain about your web site...
   I know I have neglected this blog too... I've been busy... trying to keep up with work and family takes alot of time and the older I get (just turned 55) the longer it takes this old hard drive to spool up.
   I promise I am going to try to be more active on my blog... just in time too, as blogs are winding down in this new social media frenzied world that we call home. I just cant bring myself to say, much less participate in tweeting or twittering...
   So... check out my new site and because you have been so patient here is a painting from my latest book project, its not done, (deadline looming) but so far has been really enjoyable to work on.
   I've also decided to try... to paint more animals this year and I have a book project of my own that I really would like to get sold this year, I guess that will be my wish list for 2016, I better write these goals down so I have a better chance of making sure they happen...
   Happy New Year, I wish you all a healthy happy and prosperous 2016, especially me...

Happy Trails 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Latest Book, "Emiline"

Man its been a long time since I posted anything here, with Facebook, instagram and all the other social media sites its hard to stay on track and keep those who might be interested up to date with what I am up to. 2014 was a very busy year, too many projects, too little time.
I finally finished my latest book, "Emiline" a great story about a black woman from the 1800's who despite being born a free woman, had to sue for her freedom in Texas. This painting will grace the cover of the book.
I really wanted to illustrate this book, I almost didn't get to do it, hard negotiations finally worked out and I got the go ahead to do the paintings, the models are local friends and neighbors who willingly agreed to give their time for the project.
The story is very touching, from a 10 yr old girls perspective dealing with a serious subject. The paintings, looking back now, turned out well for the most part, like always I suppose I would change a few things or recompose this and that but... I won't be afforded that opportunity for now, such is the life of the illustrator and his deadline...

I'll let you know when it comes out but for now, enjoy the cover...


Friday, June 6, 2014

Rainbow Trout

I've been working on a series of trout in the net paintings, not for anything special but just because I really like they way they look, a few years ago we fished all summer for a really big cutthroat trout on the Teton River, one afternoon my son and I were floating and we stopped where this big fish liked to hang out, well long story short, I caught him... I took a photo of the fish laying in the net. The photo turned out really great and I thought at the time, "this would make great reference for an interesting painting" so I painted it and if you follow me you probably saw the painting, well here is the next painting in the series, a rainbow trout in the net, this fish my brother in law caught while fishing the South Fork of the Snake river. The next painting will be of a brown trout my son caught on the Henry's fork of the Snake river. Anyway, the paintings are great fun to make, the net is particularly challenging to paint, and I really I like how it turned out, I hope you agree. I'm going to sell prints of these paintings due to some interest, I'll post the details if you are interested.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sketch for painting

I do a fair amount of illustrations for Pheasants Forever magazine, this is a sketch for a painting for an upcoming story about hunting in Iowa, its a great story and was fun to come up with the sketches for the story. I use a fun process in Photoshop to do my sketches, I use an overlay layer filled with the color of my choice on a separate layer above the drawing layer, it gives the drawing this nice color that you can't get by just changing the color your drawing with. Anyway, just mixing it up a bit.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sams Secret Christmas, (my latest book)

On friday I finished my latest book, I have been working on this one day and night for a while now, I don't know why but deadlines seem to creep up before you know it and then... a disaster happens. Fortunately this one I was able to pull off, I only had to ask for a few extra days to finish it. Its another Christmas story written by the great author George Durrant. The story is a touching one that will pull at your heart strings, (It did mine) the characters were fun to try to capture and make feel like they fit the part of the book, the main character, Sam, takes a big jump in time so I had to find two models that I could use to try to make the jump. I really enjoyed illustrating this book, it seems that most of the paintings turned out good, I remember reading some thoughts that NC Wyeth wrote when he  finished painting the images for Treasure Island, he seemed to be satisfied with the work he had done on the project, I sort of feel the same way on this book, the paintings turned out good for all the right reasons. I am satisfied. Of course if I had time to make changes I'm sure I would find something to fix or change, but alas the deadline has come and gone and I am on to the next project, actually I'm going to take a few days off and do some yard work and boat work. The book will be out for Christmas of 2014, I hope it does well, it was like I said, very satisfying to work on. Here is one of the illustrations of the angry Sam. He eventually comes around to grateful, happy Sam.

One Little Match

One little match,(my latest book) came out in March, the designers did a great job putting the book together and the publishers did a great job with the printing, all in all the book looks great. I was glad to be part of such a great book by such a great author. You should all run right out and buy several dozen copies for all your friends and family. Here is a link to buy it.