Monday, April 21, 2014

Sams Secret Christmas, (my latest book)

On friday I finished my latest book, I have been working on this one day and night for a while now, I don't know why but deadlines seem to creep up before you know it and then... a disaster happens. Fortunately this one I was able to pull off, I only had to ask for a few extra days to finish it. Its another Christmas story written by the great author George Durrant. The story is a touching one that will pull at your heart strings, (It did mine) the characters were fun to try to capture and make feel like they fit the part of the book, the main character, Sam, takes a big jump in time so I had to find two models that I could use to try to make the jump. I really enjoyed illustrating this book, it seems that most of the paintings turned out good, I remember reading some thoughts that NC Wyeth wrote when he  finished painting the images for Treasure Island, he seemed to be satisfied with the work he had done on the project, I sort of feel the same way on this book, the paintings turned out good for all the right reasons. I am satisfied. Of course if I had time to make changes I'm sure I would find something to fix or change, but alas the deadline has come and gone and I am on to the next project, actually I'm going to take a few days off and do some yard work and boat work. The book will be out for Christmas of 2014, I hope it does well, it was like I said, very satisfying to work on. Here is one of the illustrations of the angry Sam. He eventually comes around to grateful, happy Sam.

One Little Match

One little match,(my latest book) came out in March, the designers did a great job putting the book together and the publishers did a great job with the printing, all in all the book looks great. I was glad to be part of such a great book by such a great author. You should all run right out and buy several dozen copies for all your friends and family. Here is a link to buy it.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Newest book finally done

I finally finished the illustrations for my latest book, sorry for not posting for a while, I have been up to eyeballs with this project, short deadline, 15 paintings, mix in classes twice a week and you have a very busy schedule. I ended up doing two paintings a week for the book and fitting in the odd projects that came as well, I always say I do my best work when I am swamped and under tons of pressure and I am happy to say that the paintings turned out well, I still think if I had more time that I would make a few changes here and there, maybe work on the color or complete the environments a bit more, I guess that part of being an illustrator never goes away. I suppose that is a good thing to constantly want to make your work better but there comes a time when you have to say its done and send it off. Here is one of the paintings from the book, its the last scene, when the boys learn a hard lesson. I don't want to give up the story. The book comes out in the spring, its titled "One little match", I really had a great time working on it, great story, good characters…
anyway, hope you enjoy the painting.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eagle Paintings

Quite a while ago I posted a painting of an eagle, I have committed to paint 4 paintings for nephews earning their eagle award from the BSA. Here are paintings 2 and 3, one more to go... the paintings are small, 9x12 so in this smallish format I wanted to have fun with the brushes and marks that describe the form of the bird and environments. The colors were fun to play with here and there, the more I study about color the more fun I have just trying new things and trying to make progress as a painter, still my color has much room for improvement but every once in a while I paint something that makes me smile, not because it is a great painting but because I learned something and feel myself growing. This year I am 52 years old, I have been working as an illustrator for nearly 25 years, some days I feel like I have arrived and some days I feel irrelevant. I wish this roller coaster of emotion would smooth out and not be so dramatic, I still need to feel relevant and I still need to provide for a family, so that means I need to work for many more years, maybe not as long of hours but work none the less. I guess this process is called life, we learn, grow, increase, do, rinse and repeat, everyday  until we die. Sounds good to me as long as there is fishing mixed in here and there.
Here are the paintings.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friends of the Teton River Poster

Every year I make a poster for a local organization, Friends of the Teton River to help announce and advertise the annual river celebration, this is the 13th year of the event. I started creating the posters in 2004. I served on the board of directors for many years and care about what they do so the poster is the least I can do for them, plus it gives me an opportunity to paint something fun and use my rusty graphic design skills. Anyway here is this years poster. I had a great time painting and designing it.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Brown trout

I can't seem to leave this stuff alone, I need to get back to work so this is the last fish for a while... anyway here is an updated version of the Brown Trout, like most artists, we are constantly trying to improve so after looking at the previous brown trout sketch I decided to redo it.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Brook Trout

Here is one more to complete the set. My Son said that the fish looked depressed so I repainted the head, this is the repainted version. I think he looks better.