Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Finally finished the "COWBOYS" book

I can't believe the that I am actually finished with this book, it has taken probably more time than any other book I have illustrated. I can't remember when I started it but it seems like years ago, I think we started talking about it years ago... anyway barring a bunch of changes from the art director, I am confident that it is finished. The process has taken me all over cowboydom, I have tried to represent cowboys from all over the country, not necessarily in any specific order, just a good smattering of different regional cowboys. It's interesting that there is so much difference in what a cowboy wears in Texas and what a cowboy wears in Nevada or California or even in a drug store. Saddles, headstalls, hackamores, chaps of all different shapes, who would have known... I hope I have done a respectable job of representing them historically correct and not done just another hollywood hack job. I spent time in a saddle on a roundup, I have breathed the smoke of burning hair and flesh from a hot branding iron and even wrestled a calf or two to the ground to be branded, what a great time, both the learning and the drawing and painting. I hope the book is well received and makes all the time and effort with it. A hearty thanks to all the models who sat for me and patiently waited while the light was just right for a photo shoot and to all those who helped with the historical aspect and details, getting things right is important and these guys know their stuff . I can't wait to see the finished book in person, it is always interesting to see the finished product and I have no doubt this one I will hold with pride and count as some of my best work.
I hope you rush right out in the spring and buy hundreds of copies for all your friends and family.