Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Good Samaritan

Lately it seems I have been doing more and more illustrations for biblical stories, this painting is the latest for a publication called The Liahona, I like this painting, it was a challenge to compose because it has been done so many times. As an illustrator you get to paint so many different subjects and usually you work on a tight deadline, this image for me is a serious subject and it would have been nice to have a month or so to work on it, but alas a few days is all that time would allow. Ironically the models I asked to pose for me are very symbolic, much like the parable, The one posing for the Samaritan is a professional counselor, The wounded "certain man" ( the words used in the bible) has recently been through a terrible tragedy, where he lost his wife in an automobile accident, as I was painting it, it donned on me how symbolic the whole thing was becoming, so I tried my best to express in the emotion and tenderness of the moment of one serving another. I hope you like it too.

Friday, April 15, 2011

This Years FTR Poster

Every year I do a poster for a local non-profit in the valley where I live, This is what I did for them this year, I like the crazy line around the art work, I guess I am trying to reach the younger crowd with my lack of design sense... I really like doing these posters, not only do I get to paint the subject I like but I have to design something as well, and it is nice break from my regular work, I don't charge them for the work (my donation to the cause) so I have total control over the project, any way I hope you like it and if you do you might consider visiting their site and giving to the cause, it's a good one. www.tetonwater.org The Painting is of the lower Teton River, the fisherman is a friend of mine, we were down there fishing last year and I just happened to have a camera... any way I composed this painting from the some of the photos I took that day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I am making good progress on the cowboys book, about half way finised with the illustrations, here is a detail of one of the paintings, I really like this character, he is a good model and has posed for me for other projects, he is a local rancher who humors me on occasion for modeling.
The book is looking good, I have a July deadline so it will probably be a spring release. Wish me luck, still have 12 paintings to go, not to mention the other book I am working on at the same time....