Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Project without a name or publisher

I'm a firm believer in working on personal projects between paying jobs and this is my latest, I am fascinated with the subject matter, and the story behind the painting. The book or story, I call it my Cave Man book, is about the domestication of wolves to dogs, My character (Kuak) finds himself befriending a wolf that eventually becomes a valuable part of his life and survival in an incredibly harsh land and time. This painting is the last one in the book that portrays man and dog together not as enemies but as companions that need and depend on each other. The text on the page reads: "As the sun set on another day, together, Kuak and his dog Eira, both with full bellies, sat quietly by the crackling fire, warming themselves from the chill fall air and resting from another successful hunt.  They had come along way together, and this night, as another season approached, they wondered what the dawn of a new day would bring".
This is the first book I have written (way harder than I thought it would be)  and am still working on the story, I am in the process of showing it around a bit and hope to find a home for it.
Hope you like it as much as I do.