Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Finally, We are going to be making the "Cowboys" book, I spoke with my publisher yesterday and the book is a go. I might post a few of the images here as long as I don 't give anything away. This image might be in the book, not sure yet, it is one I did to pitch the book and get the juices flowing. This book will be a follow up to "Pirates" and I am really looking forward to the paintings.


Emily said...

Very nice! The texture is great. I think there is a little too much light on the calf's eye- it looks almost creepy.
Very nice, altogether, though!

adam taylor said...

Great painting. That is going to be a fun book.

Looks like it didn't work to see you in Rexburg last week. We will have to try again next time and get some tasty Thai food.

Congrats on the book! Get em cowboy

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Very detailed work. Appears so real. I think the calf/yearling's eyes are fine. It just doesn't like what it sees. I been at branding time on Idaho ranches and I didn't like it. Good book to sell at the Western Writers Conferences and Cowboy Poets events.

Julee said...

I had to do a double take-I thought it was a photograph you were using as a model at first. The cowboy in the foreground is so sharp and clear. It wasn't until I notice the cow in the background that I realized it was handcrafted. So beautifully crafted. I am looking forward to ordering this book for my school and hope it is designed for children.