Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Texas book signing for COWBOYS

Well, the visit to Texas was great, I got to meet some folks from one of my publishers and I was happy to spend a bit more time with David Harrison, the author and writer for the Pirates and Cowboys books. We signed a ton of books and had a great time, met some interesting characters and came home save and sound, not bad for small town boy. Here is a photo of David and  Me ( I'm on the left) and one of the wondering characters who stopped by our booth. Well, back to work on the next book, this one is another Christmas book, I'll share images soon.


Life's Beautiful Path said...

Hi Dan, I purchased two "Cowboys," one for me and one for my grandson. I love it! Beautiful real to life paintings. Mary Nida Smith

Frankly Mary said...

Why didn't you dress up as a cowboy or pirate :) Looks like those books must have been fun to do!