Monday, April 9, 2012


COWBOYS is out. Some reviews are in and one interview has been done. Sylvia Vardell's blog, "Poetry for Children" has an interview with me this morning about "Cowboys". It's always interesting writing about the process of creating a book, in this case collaborating with David Harrison again. If you scroll down on her site you can read David's interview from yesterday. I'm not a writer ( I'm sure you've noticed) so to verbalize what I do is sometimes difficult, the process of my daily life as an illustrator becomes intuitive after 23 years of doing it and I guess I really don't think too much about it anymore. So it's nice to be asked specific questions that I have to think about, and then try to come up with intelligent answers that are somewhat coherent. I appreciate any opportunity that comes my way to promote the projects I work on and this Sylvia's blog interview is a big one. If your interested in reading the interview you can click here to go to Sylvia's site. If your interested in buying a couple dozen copies of the book for everyone you know, you can click here. Thanks again for visiting, your interest in my work is humbly appreciated.
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