Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My Pirates book was one of the greatest projects I have ever worked on. I had a great time with the author David L. Harrison working out the details, we collaborated on the book working back and forth creating the sequence of pictures and poems. All  the paintings are digital paintings using photoshop and a wacom tablet.
It is selling well and I can only hope to do more books like this one. check it out on my website,


Hannah Christenson said...

I must admit, I love this painting. Your expressions are perfect and your characters are fantastic!

Dan Burr said...

thanks Hannah, I like it too.

Kathy Weller said...

That's fantastic! I too love to paint in Photoshop. I feel "validated" that I choose PS over Painter by looking at your incredible work here. Congrats on it!!

Stekkinger said...

I love the colours and saturation of the painting. Do you use 'digital paint' often?

Kind regards,
Lydia Stekkinger