Friday, May 26, 2017

New Video

Again, its been a while... sorry, I get caught up in my little world of illustration and I forget that in order to keep this ball rolling I need to give it a push once in a while... so here is the push...
Last fall, I was involved (as the talent) thats what they kept calling me.. it was weird... in a television commercial for Blue cross of Idaho, its a long story, anyway, after the commercial came out the producer agreed to make a promo reel for me, mostly as payback because one of the light reflectors blew over and almost knocked me out... it was bad. A story for another time...
So after finally settling on the edit, which seem to take forever... I now have my first professionally done promo reel. If I do say so myself... I think it turned out fantastic, the only problem is that its me painting and not some hollywood actor playing me...Russell Crow would have been a great me... so here I am in all my glory, doing what I love to do in a place that I love to be.
Here is the link on vimeo:

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