Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eagle Paintings

Quite a while ago I posted a painting of an eagle, I have committed to paint 4 paintings for nephews earning their eagle award from the BSA. Here are paintings 2 and 3, one more to go... the paintings are small, 9x12 so in this smallish format I wanted to have fun with the brushes and marks that describe the form of the bird and environments. The colors were fun to play with here and there, the more I study about color the more fun I have just trying new things and trying to make progress as a painter, still my color has much room for improvement but every once in a while I paint something that makes me smile, not because it is a great painting but because I learned something and feel myself growing. This year I am 52 years old, I have been working as an illustrator for nearly 25 years, some days I feel like I have arrived and some days I feel irrelevant. I wish this roller coaster of emotion would smooth out and not be so dramatic, I still need to feel relevant and I still need to provide for a family, so that means I need to work for many more years, maybe not as long of hours but work none the less. I guess this process is called life, we learn, grow, increase, do, rinse and repeat, everyday  until we die. Sounds good to me as long as there is fishing mixed in here and there.
Here are the paintings.


adam taylor said...

It is comforting to hear that you feel it too. You are a great teacher, a great illustrator, and a great artist. Thanks for sharing your work.

Lydia said...

Beautiful paintings. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Sometimes I discover your work in a magazine, and I think: "That one's done by Dan Burr!", and I quickly check the credits to see that I'm right. You have your own signature. I hope to see much more of your work in the future.

Monica Santa Angelos said...

Dan Burr is a wonderful person! I'd like to work with such a man! When you think of best writers, artists, editors, designers, you unintentionally imagine that all of them have gathered at such a place as I know so many great people there.