Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Raven

This is a painting I did as a sample for a new project, I wasn't thrilled at first with the idea of doing a book about Crows/Ravens but after this painting I can't wait to draw and paint more of them. I wanted to do a creepy Raven ( because I think they are creepy) and I wanted the bird in a creepy place, It was great fun to work out the drawing of the bird adjusting it's gesture to capture the attitude and beak position that  I wanted. I like the colors and purposely kept them dark and monochromatic, I really like the touches of red here and there. It not often I get to do samples and so I tried to have fun with this one. Anyway, hope you like it and I get to do a whole book of Ravens...
here's hoping,


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Robin said...

I love this! I think you really captured the aura that surrounds these birds, I hope they choose you for this book! :)