Monday, September 10, 2012

Updated painting

It seems I am never satisfied with my work and  if I have the time, cannot resist making changes, in this case I think the changes were warranted and make for a better image. I changed the temperature and value in a few places trying to control the composition a bit, added the wood in the foreground, put a shadows on the wall,  cleaned up a few details here and there to fill up the narrative. All in all I am more satisfied with the results. I'm sure there will be more changes in the future. The wonderful thing about working digitally is that the changes are effortless, well, maybe not completely but at least easier than starting over or painting out things in oils. I am looking  forward to the next painting in this sequence and hope you stay tuned.


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counterWULF said...

Love the image. Just wanted to point out a potential typo in the text: instead of "along way" it should read "a long way". I've been a proofreader trained by the military, so I have indirectly developed an eye for catching this stuff. Whenever I read a book, I can usually catch most, if not all, of the typos. Of course, no one is perfect, and I've written things that have typos too. But I'm just hoping to help because I'm a HUGE supporter and "fan" of your wolf/dog/ancient man artwork.